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Dedicated Eminent Domain and Real Estate Representation

Dedicated Eminent Domain And Real Estate Lawyers

At , we have provided passionate and comprehensive legal representation to clients in the Denver metro area and Colorado who have encountered real estate issues, including eminent domain. Our dedicated team of attorneys leverages more than two decades of experience in real estate law to tackle a number of litigation and transactional concerns.

If you have encountered a legal matter relating to your ownership or purchase of real estate, we can help. Contact our Denver law office by e-mail or call 720-460-4200 to discuss your specific needs today.

Whether you already own a property or are involved in the potential sale or purchase of one, we can help. Working as a cohesive unit, our experienced attorneys and staff are able to provide assistance with a number of real estate-related legal issues.

Eminent Domain – Property Owners

Property owners presented with a notice of intent to acquire property or notice of an immediate possession hearing face numerous and often intimidating questions. Our team works diligently to explain the eminent domain process and regulations to you. Whether you are dealing with a public or a private or corporate condemnation, we work to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process to see that your rights are protected. Our Denver lawyers are familiar with the laws surrounding Active Projects in the State, including the Thornton Water Project, the National Western Stock Show redevelopment, the Platte to Park Hill Stormwater Systems, and numerous other large and small scale projects and will conduct an in-depth investigation to determine if you have cause to contest the acquisition of your property, and offer references for qualified appraisers to determine your property’s value. We will work with your appraiser and other experts to maximize the compensation and any relocation benefits to which you may be entitled.

Eminent Domain – Governmental Entities

Cities, counties, special districts and other governmental entities with condemnation power interested in the acquisition of privately owned land for public use are faced with a daunting task. Our lawyers work diligently to prove your public need for private lands and ensure the statutory process is followed to acquire the necessary property quickly and efficiently.

Real Estate Litigation

Through the investigation of the details of your specific case, we are able to provide comprehensive representation for any real estate-related litigation ranging from quiet title or adverse possession to prove ownership to mechanics’ liens to contract disputes.

Real Estate Transactions

Our team provides efficient and cost effective assistance throughout the life of your real estate transaction. Whether you are buying, selling or leasing a home or commercial property, our team will examine any contracts or purchase agreements in great detail to help you avoid future real estate contract disputes and close your transaction. We are experienced at identifying and resolving title defects in a manner that secures your investment for years to come.

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Contact our office by e-mail or call 720-460-4200 to discuss your property rights and concerns with one of our experienced Denver lawyers. Your real estate transaction issues require dedicated service from a law firm that is not afraid to go the extra mile. We understand your need for quick resolutions to your property issues and will work to get you the results you need.