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Dedicated Eminent Domain and Real Estate Representation

Eminent Domain Attorneys

Representing Governmental Entities in Colorado Throughout Eminent Domain Proceedings

Governmental entities must exercise eminent domain powers carefully and properly. These acquisitions are sometimes contested affairs, protested by property owners and their lawyers. Employing an experienced condemnation attorney can help you as a municipality, city, town, or special district, work through any objections, finding efficient and satisfactory resolutions to these situations.

More Than Two Decades of Experience in the Intricate Area of Eminent Domain Law

At Alderman Bernstein, we leverage more than 20 years of experience to offer confident and assertive representation in the highly specialized area of eminent domain law. Our attorneys are frequent lecturers at continuing legal education seminars, as well as conferences related to land use and eminent domain. Our staff utilizes a thorough understanding of eminent domain statutes to help your entity prove the need for such property, obtain immediate possession, assist in finding satisfactory land values, and ensure the statutory process is followed carefully.

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Educated and Established Eminent Domain Representation

Our staff has worked diligently to create lasting bonds with communities in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado. Our work in the eminent domain field has assisted countless entities with acquisitions for public projects, often finding efficient and favorable resolutions to the most challenging situations. Our knowledgeable team can assist acquiring land for any public use including:

  • Transportation projects
  • School uses
  • Road extension and widening
  • Power lines
  • Gas pipelines
  • Utility easements
  • Open space

Through evaluation of each side’s position in the negotiation process and strictly following statutory procedures, our firm will try our best to bring your eminent domain proceedings to a swift and satisfactory close.

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