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At Alderman Bernstein, we have provided passionate and comprehensive legal representation to clients in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado who have eminent domain concerns. Our dedicated team of attorneys leverages more than 20 years of real estate law experience, and we can help negotiate a beneficial solution to your case. Having represented both private condemnors and landowners in numerous cases, we understand every detail of the process.

If you have encountered a legal matter relating to your ownership of land or need to acquire land, we can help. Contact our Denver law office by e-mail or call 720-460-4200 to discuss your specific needs today.

The Private Condemnation Process in Colorado

Condemnation usually applies to real property such as land or buildings. In certain circumstances, individuals and corporations, such a gas pipeline or utility companies, have the right to take property for specific purposes. The process is similar to a government acquisition of property.

  • A notice of condemnation is given
  • There will be a bargaining period
  • There may be an immediate possession hearing
  • There may be a valuation trial

If your company needs to acquire property for a project, our attorneys will investigate whether you have the legal power to condemn and ensure the statutory process is followed to acquire the necessary property.

You Do Not Have To Accept the First Offer

Many individuals believe that the first offer the condemnor gives for their land or building is the highest amount of compensation they can receive. This is an incorrect understanding of the law. At Alderman Bernstein, our real estate and condemnation attorneys have an extensive understanding of condemnation negotiation.

Our condemnation lawyers will work with you to get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your property. We strive to negotiate positive settlements, but will take your case to trial if need be. Our Denver attorneys will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions that you may have.

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Contact our office by e-mail or call 720-460-4200 to discuss your condemnation concerns. Your eminent domain issues require dedicated service from a law firm that is not afraid to go the extra mile. We understand your need for quick resolutions to these issues and will work to get you the results you need.