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Dedicated Eminent Domain and Real Estate Representation

Eminent Domain Lawyers

Property Owner Rights Attorneys in Colorado Utilizing Proven Strategies to Guide You Through Eminent Domain Proceedings

Property rights are greatly protected in Colorado. In certain situations, municipalities or governmental entities are allowed to take part or all of your property if the land is necessary for a public use. If you own property that is being acquired by the government, you must be fairly compensated for it.

Under eminent domain laws, many municipalities and government entities have the power to acquire your land for public projects, offering fair market value for your parcel. At Alderman Bernstein, we have the experience and knowledge to offer comprehensive representation for property owners who have received a notice of intent to acquire or are faced with an   immediate possession hearing, or valuation trial.

Providing Guidance From Experienced Eminent Domain Attorneys

Our attorneys offer dedicated guidance during the eminent domain process, ensuring you receive reasonable compensation and are treated fairly in the process of the government’s acquisition of your land. Contact our team online or call 720-460-4200 to discuss your eminent domain concerns today.

Addressing the Confusion of Eminent Domain Notifications

Receiving a notice of intent to acquire your property or an immediate possession hearing notice can raise a lot of questions. Our firm works diligently to provide the answers you need to several of these questions, including:

  • Can the government take my land without my permission?
  • What will the land be used for?
  • How will I be compensated?
  • Who decides the value of my land if it’s taken?

Understanding the Details of the Eminent Domain Process

Using our experience on both sides of eminent domain cases, our dedicated team of problem solvers provides the answers you need to understand the eminent domain process, your rights, and what you can expect to be compensated for the loss of your property.

After carefully examining the facts and circumstances of the threatened acquisition, we are able to determine if you have a case to challenge the government’s right to acquire your land. If you don’t have grounds to object, we are able to offer guidance on how to maximize the compensation you receive for the parcel of land being acquired by working with trustworthy appraisers to conduct an independent real estate or property appraisal of your land.

Our lawyers understand the intricate details of eminent domain proceedings and work diligently to make sure that you do too. Contact our office to discuss your eminent domain concerns today.